Social Life in Canakkale

Social Life in Canakkale

Canakkale, a city and region of education, culture and history with past stretching back 5,000 years, has been nourished by the legacy of ancient cultural treasures such as The Illiad by Homer and has come to appreciate the enchanting historical sites within its boundaries and is now an significant tourism centre.

Canakkale Onsekizmart University with its around 20000 students stimulates the social life of Canakkale. Every year thousands of tourists come Canakkale in order to visit the impressive historical, natural and ancient values of Canakkale.

The Gallipoli Historic National Park, where one of the most important events in Turkey's history and that of the First World War, the Gallipoli Campaign, took place; and two of the most important ancient centres in western Anatolia, Troy and Assos, which are of the indispensable value as historical and tourism sites, are all in the province of Canakkale.

While the founding father of the Turkish Republic M. Kemal ATATURK addressed "You, the mothers who sent their sons from the far away countries," by saying that "your sons are now lying in our bosom," he delivered his message "Peace at home, peace in the world," to the world from this land.

EDUCATION in Canakkale
Education in the Province of Canakkale is satisfactory. Schooling rate at the primary and secondary levels is very high. Literacy rate in the Province is 93 % . Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University has 9 faculties, 13 two year vocational collages, and 2 institues.They all contribute to the socio-cultural development of the Province.

Health services at the provincial scale, are provided by 10 hospitals including a private Medical Centre and the hospital of Social Insurance Department, also 4 Health Centers,58 County Clinics and 201 Regional Health Offices reinforce these services. All of the settlements in the Province have telephone cervices. They have been linked by telephones. The people in the province of Canakkale, where many cultures developed, are very interested in the socio-cultural activities.

HANDICRAFTS in Canakkale
Manufacturing of ceramic iying the period of B.C. belongs to small private institutions by its inefficient techniques. Usually this sector offers touristic small gifts. There were found lots of ceramics with its original shapes. Designs and its interesting glaze drawings beloging to XII and XXI. Centuries of Ottoman period. Manufacturing carpet and rug having special importance in handicrafts has density in Can. Besides these manufacturing of cotton and woolen fabric and processing iron and copper are another interesting handicrafts activities.

FOLKLORE in Canakkale
The folklore of Canakkale is really rich. Traditional tales and songs which are written or oral coming from the old generation have still Iived at especially wedding ceremonies. The main folk dances of the city are Karsilama, Zeybet, Ceyiz Alti and Halay

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