Transportation to Gokcecada

Transportation to Gokcecada

There is transportation from Gokceada to mainland by 1 ferry .
Gokceada takes 32 miles from Kuzulimani to Canakkale. It takes 14 miles from the Kabatepe Port to Gallipoli Peninsula. Please click to transportation map to Gokceada.

You can reach to Gokceada by ferry which depart from Canakkale every monday, wednesday and friday (in the summer) or by ferry which depart from Kabatepe Port everyday.

Gokceada - Kabatepe Ferries Schedule:

From Kabatepe From Gokceada
10.00 07.00
19.00 ** 17.00 **

**Note: Instead of 19.00 the schedule time is 20.00 from Kabatepe on sundays, also instead of 17.00 the schedule time is 13.00 from Gokceada.

Firstly you should go to Eceabat from Canakkale for ferry. And then you should get in minibus toKabatepe. Also if you have private car, you can reach by car from Eceabat to Kabatepe Port.
It takes 2 hours or 2 hours 30 minutes from Canakkale by ferry. It takes 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hours from Kabatepe by ferry.

The people who comes from Istanbul, they can use ferry in Kabatepe, The people who comes from Anatolian Side, they can use ferry in Canakkale. It takes approximately 350 km from Istanbul to Kabatepe. It takes approximately 650 km from Ankara to Canakkale. It takes approximately 280 km from Bursa to Canakkale.

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