Cimenlik Castle

The ancient name is Kala-i Sultaniye. Cimenlik Castle, which now serves as a military museum, was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1462.

In addition to the existent collection of artillery in Çimenlik Fortress, materials, donated from willing people and private foundations, were gathered and used to enrich this collection. During this enterprise, a team of volunteers also searched the battlefield. Furthermore, archives and inventory lists were thoroughly researched.This building dating from 1927 was converted to a museum in Çimenlik Fortress. The other building dating from 1954 was converted to be a museum management office. Finally, the construction of the museum was completed when the 1/1 ratio replica of the Nusret Mine Layer, the hero of 18th March 1915 Naval Victory, was placed on the platform that was specially designed in the park. The replica was built by Istanbul Shipyard Command.As a result of all this effort, the museum began to provide service with the name “Çanakkale Strait Command Museum” on 18th March 1982.The museum continued its activities held by a civil servant under the control of Central Command. Since then, the name of the museum was changed as Military Museum Management and the first personnel having a rank was appointed.The exhibition arrangement of the museum was renewed under the directions of Naval Force Command in 1995 and till 1999 this arrangement went on. As a necessity of modern museums, the contemporary concept of museology was started to be practiced without disarranging the already existent exhibitions in 1999. Within the scope of this project, interactive presentation has been provided for visitors.

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