Transportation to Bozcada

Transportation to Bozcada

There are two options for transportation to Bozcaada.
You can pass from Geyikli to the island by ferry whole year. (It is possible to pass by cars).
During the summer months only two days a week (Friday - Monday) there is Seabus which depart from Canakkale City Center. (It is not possible to pass by cars)
How to Get Bozcaada From Canakkale
There are 3 options to pass Canakkale Strait while you are coming from European Side. Please click for detailed information about these options.

From Canakkale City Center
You can reach to the bus station by public bus or taxi for GEYIKLI. And then you get in minibus to Geyikli to catch the Ferry to Geyikli. So you can pass from Geyikli to Bozcaada. It takes approximately 2 hours with this method to go to Bozcaada.
When you drive from Canakkale City Center by your car, you should go to Izmir way. When you don't reach to Ezine turn right for Geyikli.And you can reach to Geyikli Ferry Jetty. It takes approximately 60 km from Canakkale City Center to the ferry port. (Please click here for Canakkale - Geyikli Road Map)
Geyikli - Bozcaada Ferries Schedule:

From Geyikli From Bozcaada
 10.00 07.30 
 14.00 12.00 
 18.00  17.00

Note:The schedule is at 10.00 from Geyikli every wednesday.

Direction from Izmir to Bozcaada:
While you can come from Izmir, you should follow the signs Geyikli-Bozcaada throughout Ezine to the ferry jetty.

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