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Troy Hotels

Its site is almost universally accepted as the mound now named Hissarlik, in Asian Turkey, c.4 mi (6.4 km) from the mouth of the Dardanelles. Accepting Greek tradition and details in Homeric poems as reliable, Heinrich Schliemann identified the site and conducted excavations there beginning in 1871. Nine successive cities or villages have occupied the site, the earliest dating from the Neolithic period. Attempting to determine which stratum of the mound was the Troy (Troia) of the Trojan War, Schliemann first gave this distinction to the third stratum and then to the second.
Troy (Troia) is a city which existed over 4000 years and known as the center of ancient civilizations. Many years, people believed that it was the city in tales and never existed until it was first found. At this time it was known as Ilium or New Ilium. Today Troy or New Ilium places in Hisarlik at Canakkale. The reality of Homer’s description of place, event and topography correlated with geologic investigation helps show that the ‘Iliad’ is not just a legend but regularly consistent with paleogeograhic reconstruction,” concluded the research team, which also included George Rapp of the University of Minnesota, Ilhan Kayan of Ege University in Izmir, Turkey, and classical scholar John V. Luce of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The ancient city Troy (Troia) is located about 25 Km away from Canakkale. Tevfikiye Village, which is located adjusted to the ancient city Troy, is the only settlement nearby. Canakkale Hotels can be considered as the best accomodation alternative for your unforgettable visit to Troy since the surrounding of the ancient Troy is not developed and accomodation alternatives are very limited.
The most inviting hotel of Troy Canakkale - Anzac Hotel
Kervansaray Canakkale Otel - Phone: +90 286 2178192
Tel: +90 286 2177777 - E-mail:
Mustafa Askin, who is the leading guide of the ancient Troy has also a small accommodation alternative in the Tevfikiye Village nearby to Troy.

Anzac Hotel - Canakkale
Located Historical Clock Tower Square No:8 Canakkale Turkey.
T: 0 286 2177777 Fax: 0 286 2172018

Troia Anzac Hotel - Canakkale
Located adjecent to the historical clock tower at the heart of Canakkale Turkey.
Fetvane Sok No:13 Canakkale
Phone: 0 286 2177777 Fax: 0 286 2172018
Web: E-posta:

Grand Anzac Hotel - Canakkale
Kemalpasa Mahallesi Kemalyeri Sok. No:11 Çanakkale
Tel: 0 286 217 77 77 Fax: 0 286 217 20 18
Web: E-posta:

Comfort Anzac Hotel - Canakkale
Kemalpasa Mahallesi Kemalyeri Str. No:34 Çanakkale
Tel: 0 286 217 77 77 Fax: 0 286 217 20 18
Web: E-posta:

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