Map & Direction

Map & Direction

Superior Comfort and Friendly atmosphere at the heart of Canakkale


Anzac Hotel has an unbeatable location at the heart of the city. It is very convenient to reach Anzac Hotel from any part of Canakkale. Anzac Hotel is located adjacent to the historical clock tower (saat kulesi), which is just 50 meter away from the ferry jetty square (iskele meydani).

After Anzac Hotel, if you take the first left and walk about 50 mt. you would reach Grand Anzac and Comfort Anzac Hotels next to each other. This road is one way road for cars, therefore if you are travelling by car; when you exit from ferry, pass the first turn to the clock tower, take the second turnning to the right, and and after 50 meters turn right again, Grand Anzac and Comfort Anzac will appeare in front you.

After the exit from ferry, turn left from the square, drive about 50 meters and take the first right, drive about 50 meters and make a U turneto the pararelel road, Troia Anzac will appeare after 50 meters on the right hand side.

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Anzac Hotel is surrounded by several historical buildings, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, clubs, and shops at the oldest part of Canakkale. The sea side is just 50 meter away, where you can walk by the lovely shores of dardanelles. Hotel Anzac is located adjacent to the Historical Clock Tower Square, which is one of the most attractive monument of Canakkale.The Canakkale Onsekizmart University exhibition center lies opposite of Anzac Hotel. ‘Cimenlik Castle’ (built by Mehmet the conqueror , the ottomon sultan in about 1462) and Naval Museum (mainly devoted to photos, newspapers, and artifacts connected with Gallipoli Campaign) are just 200 meter away from the Anzac Hotel. A replica of the original form of Nusret minelayer battleship also lies in the Cimenlik Park, where both Cimenlik Castle and Naval Museum take place. For those, who want to trace their ancestors in Gallipoli Campaign, Commonwealth War Graves Commission office (CWGC) is also very close to the Anzac Hotel. If you take the street to the right of the clock tower, after about 100 meter, Commonwealth War Grave Commission office appears.

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