Things to do in Canakkale

Things to do in Canakkale
  • Visiting the Historic National Park of Gallipoli Peninsula
  • Discovering the mystical ancident city of Troy and tracing the accounts of Homeros
  • Enjoying the beauty of one of the rare straits of the world, the Dardanelles
  • Enjoying to cross from Europe to Asia by a ferry
  • Exploring the unlimited ancient values of Troas
  • Scuba diving in the tranquil waters of Gokceada and Saros
  • Diving to the Shipwreks in the Saros Bay
  • Living the mythological and natural beauty of Mount Ida ,
  • Viewing a spectacular sunset at Assos
  • Swimming in the chrsytal clear waters of Bozcaada Island, Assos and Saros
  • Tasting tempting regional dishes, fresh fish and locally produced wine
  • Sampling Ezine cheese and olive oil.
  • Walking by the lovely seaside of Canakkale
  • Visiting the famous Mirrored Historical Bazaar.
  • Visiting the Historical Nusrat Minelayer
  • Visiting the famous Ottoman Castle