Canakkale Nightlife

Canakkale Nightlife

Canakkale offers several bars, clubs and restaurants. Each year the number of bars and clubs are increasing due to high proportion of University Students to the total population.

The Bars, Clubs and restaurants are generally located by the horbour and historical clock tower square.

You can find different alternatives for your music enjoyment. Hayal Kahvesi which is located near the historical clock tower is the one of the most popular bar in Canakkale for rock music . Each day there is always live rock bands in the Hayal Kahvesi On the other hand Lodos Bar is the most popular club for club music. Lodos Bar is located end of the horbour.Another good spot can be considered as Han Bar (live rock band), which is located in the Yali Kervansarai . Depo (club music), Natural (live rock band), and Kalyon (pub), which are located in the bars street ,are just 100 meters after the histocial clock tower. Benzin Pub can aslo be considered as a relaxing spot with snack alternatives.

     In summers the road by the seaside is closed for vehicle traffic, and tens of cafes, bars and restaurant put their tables on the road. Barcode (club music), Wine House, Yerdefistik (pub) and Cafe Notte (live music) inviting pubs and restaurant by the seaside. Recently opened ‘Club 286’, which is located at the end of Canakkale on the road to Izmir offers quality club music .

Some Cafes, Bars and Clubs are in the below:

  • Hayal Kahvesi Canakkale (The Historical Clock Tower Square) - Type: Soft Rock
  • Depo Bar Canakkale (Bars Street) –Type: Club Tel: 0 286 212 68 13
  • Lodos Bar Canakkale (Harbour Canakkale) – Type: Club Tel: 0 286 2172079
  • Naturel Bar Canakkale (Bars Street) Type: Rock
  • Hedon Bar Canakkale (Yalı Str. Canakkale) Type: Soft Rock, Jazz
  • Poseidon Bar Canakkale (Yalı Str. Canakkale) Type: Turkish Music
  • Carıklı Bar Canakkale (Bars Street) Type: Turkish Music
  • Benzin Cafe & Bar Canakkale (Front of Kilitbahir Ferry Canakkale) Type: Soft Rock
  • Sise Bar Canakkale (Front of Kilitbahir Ferry Canakkale) Type:Rock 0286 213 26 63
  • Taksim Cafe & Bar Canakkale (The Historical Clock Tower Square) - Type:Turkish Music
  • Okuz Bar Canakkale ( Bars Street ) - Type: Turkish Music
  • Pier Cafe & Bar Canakkale (Ferry Square Canakkale) Type: Turkish Music
  • Hangover Canakkale (Seaside Canakkale) Type: Turkish Music
  • Notte Cafe & Bar Canakkale (Seaside Canakkale) Type: Turkish Music
  • Barcode Cafe & Bar Canakkale (Seaside Canakkale) Type: Club
  • Time Out Bar Canakkale (Seaside Canakkale) Type: Wine House
  • Grandi Cafe & Bar Canakkale (Seaside Canakkale) Type:Soft Rock
  • Club 286 (Canakkale Izmir Way Out) Type: Turkish - Club