Cemeteries and Memorials in Anzac

Cemeteries and Memorials in Anzac
The entire Anzac Area has been preserved as a memorial to the men who died there. It contains 21 cemeteries and three memorials. The cemeteries can be split into three main areas, the landing beaches, the front line and the valleys and slopes in between. In the area round Anzac Cove the front line was only one mile from the landing beach and the cemeteries are clearly concentrated in a very small area.

List of war cemeteries and memorials in Anzac:
  1. Ari Burnu Cemetery
  2. Beach Cemetery
  3. Canterbury Cemetery
  4. Embarkation Pier Cemetery
  5. Johnston’s Jolly Cemetery
  6. Quinn’s Post Cemetery
  7. The Nek Cemetery 
  8. 7th Field Ambulance Cemetery
  9. Courtney’s and Steel’s Post Cemetery
  10. Lone Pine Memorial
  11. Plugge’s Plateau Cemetery
  12. Shrapnel Valley Cemetery
  13. Walker’s Ridge Cemetery
  14. Chunuk Bair Cemetery
  15. Hill 60 (New Zealand) Memorial
  16. Baby 700 Cemetery
  17. 4th Battalion Parade Ground Cemetery
  18. The Farm Cemetery