Anzac Day Tips

Anzac Day Tips
Australians visiting the commemorative sites of the Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park should be aware that only limited tourist facilities are available at these venues. During April, the Gallipoli Peninsula can experience extreme weather conditions. Overnight temperatures may fall below zero, high winds are common, and rain and snow are possible. Very warm temperatures may be experienced during the day, and visitors may be exposed to the sun for extended periods. You should be prepared for these weather conditions, and carry waterproof clothing, warm clothes and sunscreen with you. The large crowds, limited public utilities, traf?c and security arrangements can result in waiting periods. Visitors should expect to walk several kilometres throughout the day.

Visitors are prohibited from taking the following to commemorative services:
  • alcohol
  • large backpacks (daypacks only permitted)
  • camping equipment (tents and portable stoves etc)
  • weapons of any kind.
Buy some food before coming to the Gallipoli Peninsula for Dawn Service.
Buy a foam cushion for the time you’ll spend sitting on the grass at ANZAC Cove and the National Services.
Try to bring a torch, snacks and water, hat/beanie, scarf, small blanket, comfortable walking shoes, WC paper, wet wipes, camera and any prescribed medication
Evening temperatures are low at this time of year. Pack warmer clothes and a small travel blanket. Bring a sleeping bag if you wish, though service organisers continually ask people to fold them away due to space constraints.
As soon as the Dawn Service concludes, start making your way to the Shell Beach turn-off to make the sometimes steep walk up to Lone Pine (Aust.). Chunuk Bair (NZ) sits at the top of the service road that Lone Pine sits upon. Chunuk Bair is a further 60-70 mins uphill. You’ll only have time to attend one National service, so head to the service for your country and take your place in readiness
Toilet facilities are provided at the Dawn service site, and in 2006 they were clean and plentiful. However, be patient.
Imagine the detritus a crowd can leave behind. Don't add to it. Take all personal litter with you. Don't leave it at Gallipoli.
Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to attend the commemorative services. Visitors are reminded that the consumption of alcohol and the lighting of ?res are prohibited in the Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park. The Turkish law has severe penalties for the possession of drugs.
Visitors should take particular care on roads and walking paths within the national park. A high level of caution should be exercised around drop offs and road cuttings due to the fragility and instability of the area. All visitors are asked to:
  • strictly obey safety signage and directions;
  • be alert to traffic movements;
  • be aware of hazards from uneven surfaces; and
  • be alert to the danger that soft road edges may give way.