What to expect

What to expect
  • All commemorative services are held in a National Park.
  • All commemorative services are open to the public however seating is not reserved nor guaranteed.
  • You will arrive in the early evening or at night when it may be extremely cold and windy, and it may rain.
  • The weather during the day may be warm and windy.
  • You will need to pass through security at Anzac Commemorative Site and again at Lone Pine. Considerable delays can be expected due to the large numbers of people attending.
  • You can expect to be on site exposed to the elements for between 12 and 30 hours.
  • There is no shelter at any of the commemorative sites or within the Anzac area.
  • Temporary tiered seating is installed at the Anzac Commemorative site, Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair for the Anzac Day Services. In addition to the tiered seating, the grassed areas within the site also provide seating areas. As many visitors attend services seating is neither reserved nor guaranteed.
  • The site is likely to be crowded and as the grassed areas fill quickly there may not be room to stretch out and fall asleep.
  • Warm and wet weather protective clothing, as well as a hat/cap and sunscreen are necessary to ensure your wellbeing and comfort at the ceremonies.
  • You will walk considerable distances from the time of your arrival to attend the services until your departure from the Anzac area - these walks are uphill including on very steep, graded dirt surfaces. You must have a moderate level of fitness and mobility to walk these distances.
  • Food and refreshments are available for purchase from the Turkish food sellers on site. You may bring in your own food. Alcohol is NOT allowed at the commemorations and will be confiscated.
  • Limited basic facilities including toilets, lighting and non-drinking water are brought in to the commemorative sites for the Anzac Day commemorations on 24 and 25 April.
  • Swimming in the waters off the Anzac area is prohibited.