Site Information

Site Information
Temporary tiered seating is installed at the Anzac Commemorative Site, Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair for the Anzac Day services. Seating is not reserved for anyone other than those small areas set aside for the official party and people requiring special assistance. Seating will not be reserved for tour groups. There are no sheltered areas at any of the commemorative sites.

Visitors are not allowed to lean against or have items touching any headstones in the commemorative sites.

There is only limited grassed areas and seating. The site will become quite crowded as it fills up. Visitors should be considerate of others and not lie across seats in the tiered seating areas.

Permanent toilets are only available at the Kabatepe Museum, which is some distance from the commemorative sites. Temporary chemical toilets and hand washing facilities are available on 24 and 25 April at the Anzac Commemorative Site, Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair. The water at these locations is not potable and must not be used as drinking water.

Water and Power
There is no running water, power or lighting except for that in use for the services. Bottled water is available for purchase from Turkish vendors at each of the commemorative sites, but we do encourage you to bring your own. Opened bottles of liquid will not be allowed onto the site, including open water bottles.

Local Turkish food and drink vendors sell limited quantities of their products within the Gallipoli Park.

Consuming alcohol within the National Park is not permitted. The ban on alcohol is strictly enforced – alcohol brought on site will be confiscated and intoxicated people will be denied entry.

Rubbish disposal facilities are provided and visitors are asked to dispose of rubbish thoughtfully or, where possible, take rubbish with them. All visitors to the Dawn Service are provided with a biodegradable rubbish bag (as part of an information kit). Additional rubbish bags are available from commemorative services staff.

Lost Property
If you lose or find property during the commemorations, please take it to the information tent and notify event staff. Following the commemorations, lost property enquiries can be directed to [email protected] Property is only retained for a month and is held in Turkey. Arrangements for, and costs of, shipping are the responsibility of individuals claiming lost items.