Safety and Security

Safety and Security
The Australian and New Zealand Embassies in Ankara and the Australian Consulate in Canakkale work closely with Turkish authorities who are responsible for security for the commemorations.

Security and crowd management measures include a ban on lighting fires, restrictions on entry points, individual searches and site security. Crowd control barriers are used as a means of directing public access and protecting the surrounding environment.

You should follow instructions issued by Turkish security personnel. Allow sufficient time to travel between the commemorative sites including time to pass through each site’s security checkpoint. See Getting about on the day.

Visitors will most likely be separated into male and female lines to go through the security checkpoints for cultural and religious reasons.

On passing the security checkpoint at the Anzac Commemorative Site, all visitors will be given a security wristband. This wristband MUST be worn on the wrist until you leave the Gallipoli Historical National Park at the conclusion of the services.

Visitors will be screened again on entering the Lone Pine site for the Australian Service and Chunuk Bair for the New Zealand service.

Security measures may be in place several days in advance of the services. Certain areas of the Anzac Commemorative Site (including the beach and ceremonial area) will be inaccessible to members the public for extended periods on 24 April and 25 April.

See What NOT to bring for prohibited items.