Getting There

Getting There
People generally travel to the Gallipoli Peninsula by coach or minibus as part of a tour group. People may travel to the commemorations in private motor vehicles. However, depending on the location of the parking area designated by Turkish authorities, visitors travelling by private vehicle may have to walk several kilometres along unlit or poorly lit roads before reaching the Anzac Commemorative Site.

Private vehicles are prohibited from travelling to the Lone Pine, 57th Regiment Memorial or Chunuk Bair commemorative sites.

Several kilometres from the Anzac Commemorative Site, coaches and their passengers are welcomed by a member of the visitor services team and issued with coach identification information - a Coach Identification Number and individual tags for each passenger with their coach number on it. This will help visitors to identify their coach at the end of the day.

Coaches set down their passengers at Beach Cemetery, which is about one kilometre (15 minutes walk on a graded dirt road) from the Anzac Commemorative Site where the Dawn Service is held. All visitors will pass through a security screening point before entering the site, then walk approximately half a kilometre to the ceremonial area.

When you disembark from your coach you must ensure that you have everything you will need during the evening and next day, including medication. See Packing. To assist with security screening we suggest that keys, phones and coins are placed in your day pack or bag. You will not be able to go back to your coach if you forget anything or to return items that are prohibited on site. Coaches will depart the set down area after they have disembarked passengers and will not return to collect passengers until after all commemorative services are completed on the afternoon of 25 April.

Seating at the commemorative sites is available on grassed areas and in stands. Seating cannot be reserved. Once open on 24 April, the Anzac Commemorative Site fills quickly. People may end up sitting very close to each other and, if the site reaches capacity, people will be asked to stand. Large groups who arrive later may not be able to find room to be seated as a group and should be prepared to split up and stand if there are no seats available. Information about movements to the commemorative services at Lone Pine, Turkish 57th Regiment Memorial and Chunuk Bair is at Getting about on the day.